Develop your vision

Develop Your Vision

Creating a vision for a community hub involves bringing together the right mix of people to determine if there is a shared vision in your community for solving or supporting an identified community need.

Community visioning is the process of developing consensus about what future the community wants and needs, and then deciding what is necessary to achieve it. Often the visioning process begins with community members coming together to participate in a meeting at which the intent is to share information about the various visions for a community.

Many ideas are generated by community stakeholders when they are asked how their local service access, amenities and range of activities can be improved. So how do great ideas become a shared vision? Often led by a local champion or hero, a common vision for a community hub provides a focal point for diverse stakeholders to discuss common goals and outcomes.

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Passion and Vision Transformation: The Story of Creating Evergreen Brick Works

Supporting Collaboration and ‘Destiny Changing’ in Timiskaming

Community Hubs have been attracting political attention across the province as a way to improve access to a variety of “clustered” services. The South Temiskaming Community Hub Committee was formed to explore development of a model and strategy for a hub that would promote a vibrant and welcoming community and meet the needs of community and neighbouring residents regardless of age, cultural practices and backgrounds.

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