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{:ca}Planning collaboratives: Learnings to support integrated planning and considerations for municipalities{:}{:fr}Groupes de planification: leçons apprises appuyant la planification intégrée et considérations pour les municipalités{:}
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs conducted intensive research into practices used by “planning collaboratives” – groups of local agencies or partners from different sectors that ...
Pinewood School
Background | Hub Partners | The Vision | The Journey | Benefits & Value Added | Lessons Learned & Advice Background The Urban Indigenous Homeward ...
collaboration spectrum
 Definition of Governance: Broadly speaking, governance is about the decision-making and accountability within an organisation. This relies upon structures and processes to enable the organization ...

Stages of community hub development

Access best practices, case studies and other resources that will support you through your hub development process.






Explore the stages of development

Understand Your Community

Use local data and our mapping tools for effective community planning and informed decision-making.

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Use localized demographic data to understand where services are needed in your area

Vulnerability & Socio-economic Data

Find out who needs community hubs services the most and where those services should be located.

Open Public Properties

View the repository of government-owned vacant public properties. Find where you can start the next community hub.

Start Connecting

Connect with experts, peers and local champions who are developing, building or sustaining a community hub.

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