Stages of Community Hub development


Making good use of public space and bringing various services together in a central location reflective of community needs is beneficial to everyone.

Through the course of hundreds of interviews, key stakeholder engagements and community consultations, it was clear that although community hubs differ in terms of what types of services, activities and programs they offer, there are many similarities in the ways in which successful community hubs are created and operated.

The Stages of Community Hub Development are a guiding framework that individuals in communities can leverage to access resources, tools and advice in a way that is relevant and applicable to the particular stage they are in.

The Stages of Community Hub Development

  • Develop Your Vision
  • Assess Your Community
  • Make a Plan
  • Build Your Hub
  • Sustain and Operate Your Hub

This is a working framework, with input from multiple stakeholders from across the province, the stages reflect the experience of successful community hub development in Ontario as well as other jurisdiction (see Sources). This is a working framework; we anticipate it will be refined and adapted. In the meantime it can serve as a guide to developing your community hub.