Sustain & Operate Your Hub

A solid understanding of the new role of operating a hub, navigating new tenant relations or service collaborations and ensuring diverse revenue streams are essential to the long term sustainability and viability of the hub.

Build Your Hub

Whether constructing a hub from the ground up or renovating an existing space the task can be challenging.

Make a Plan

The planning stage might be the most complex and arguably most critical, it includes everything from forming strong relationships and partnerships, to securing financial support and acquiring assets to make it happen.

Develop your vision

Creating a vision for a community hub involves bringing together the right mix of people to determine if there is a shared vision in your community for solving an identified community need.

Assess your community

The primary focus of the assessment stage is testing and validating assumptions, typically identified when creating the shared vision. Trying to understand and make sense of the data and determining what viable or practical for your community.

Stages of Community Hub development

There has been an acknowledgement that although each hub serves as a central access point for a variety of different services, programs and/or social and cultural activities, each hub is unique, making good use of public space and bringing services together in a central location is beneficial to everyone.


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