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Why a Community Hub?

January 5, 2018 • 2 min read

A community hub makes it easier for local residents to access the health, social, cultural, recreational and other resources they need together in one spot.

Hubs benefit clients

  • Individuals have better access to a range of services in one location
  • Reduces stigmatization associated with some single-program services
  • Increases well-being as multiple issues can be addressed holistically
  • “Wrap-around services” lead to healthier outcomes for people

Hubs create healthier, stronger and safer communities

  • Collaboration of community and service providers is more responsive to local needs
  • Barriers and health disparities are reduced
  • Reduction in need for police, hospital and other crises services
  • Engagement and capacity in the community is built

Hub provide broader community, economic and health benefits

  • More efficient and sustainable health services (i.e. less duplication and early intervention)
  • Social return on investment – integrated service delivery models can save money across sectors and possibly generate a Social Return on Investment (SROI).
  • Shared resources (at a hub) also save money for funders

Hubs benefits hub partners

  • Organizations are better able to meet complex needs of a client and the community
  • Sharing resources, including space, maximizes services and programs provided
  • Partnerships and collaboration are exciting and improve ways of thinking and doing!

Hubs increase interest in the hub model

  • More hubs generate more hubs
  • Increases advocacy for policy change to support hubs
  • Produces more best/promising practices
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