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Video: Hubs Summit 2017

October 12, 2017 • 2 min read

See and hear from participants and organizers of the Community Hubs Summit held in May 2017 at Toronto’s Brickworks, itself an example of a community hub.



Brickworks is a great example of actually repurposing a building, returning it to the community, and bringing together different partners from different sectors to actually rethink how they envision their local community.  So, Brickworks is actually one very large community hub.


So, we are at (00:00:30) the Brickworks in Toronto.  In fact, there are people from all over the province who have come to be part of this conversation.  I am really excited about this summit today because we have been talking about community hubs and putting community hubs in place in a systematic way for a long time.


This is an extraordinary event, to be able to come here and learn from the richness of communities from across our beautiful province is extraordinary.


It is over 500 people at this conference to learn about (00:01:00) hubs.


There are many sessions going on today facilitated by different community stakeholders that allows everyone to have an opportunity to connect with their unique view points.


Now, I am going to have a whole network of people that I can call and say, “could you help me,” or “have you been there,” or “what would you do,” so it’s going to be fabulous.


There is so much energy.  There are so many people here interested in this debate which is quite heartening because sometimes this can be quite a sort of banging your head against the wall type of sector (00:01:30) to work within.


And premier Wynne’s vision is really tremendous and that’s what got us here today.  The commitment of the provincial government to the hub model, that’s the energy in the room, that’s why people are here, it’s time they want to do something different.


This is an example of how the Ontario government is actually taking the steps in the right direction to support needs of the communities in a new way, and it’s encouraging to see all the people at this summit (00:02:00) that are willing to contribute to that and they really care about communities, and you know, I think this movement and momentum is really growing in Ontario.


And bringing it all together, the way that we have done in the past two days, has given me more confidence than ever that this is a solution that is going to happen now, not someday.


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