The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Officially unveiled at the Community Hubs Summit in May 2017, is being launched as a ‘beta’ site, the future of which will be guided by users.

Collaborative Model

Since the appointment in 2015 of the Special Advisor and Advisory Group to the Premier on Community Hubs, this external Advisory has been instrumental in developing and advancing the implementation of the recommendations included Community Hubs in Ontario: A Strategic Framework and Action Plan, convening stakeholders, facilitating the resolution of complex issues, and providing advice on the determination of the provincial lead and governance structure for community hubs.

The current framework and organization of the content has been co-developed and many of the resources crowdsourced.

It will continue to grow and change over time through an open collaboration with stakeholders.  The needs of the users and the communities and constituencies they serve will help define the future resource offerings and functionality.

What to expect

Work is underway to generate recommendations to be presented to the Community Hubs Division of the Ministry of Infrastructure in June 2017 based on research from Ontario and other jurisdictions. These recommendations will inform the future decisions with regards to the scope and scale of all of the Resource Network products and services going forward, including

Concurrently, work is also proceeding over the next months to identify, gather and develop content, in both French and English, which align with the objectives of the Community Hubs Resource Network. Where any knowledge gaps have been identified through the inventory process new content in both English and French will be created to provide relevant and Ontario-specific tools and resources.

The 2017 Ontario Community Hubs Summit

The Ontario Community Hubs in Summit May 2017, will provide a unique opportunity to continue to build the Resource Network, reaffirm the government’s support for community hubs as self-sustaining, locally driven entities and engage the diverse Province-wide stakeholders in future directions of the Community Hubs initiative in Ontario. At the Summit, participants will be invited to visit and explore, provide immediate feedback and suggestions on the format and resources and receive personalized support as they navigate the new mapping tools.