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It’s CommunityHubsOntario.ca’s First Birthday!

May 1, 2018 • 3 min read

And what a year it has been….

From our launch last spring, to a new design for the site, to our presence on social media – so much has happened this year! We wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of our milestones and thank you, our members, for your engagement and advice!

Some highlights from this past year

The Launch

CommunityHubsOntario.ca was launched on May 1, 2017 at the Community Hubs Summit in Toronto. It was an amazing opportunity to get immediate feedback and suggestions from our closest friends!

The Summit

The Summit brought together community, public and private sector leaders from across the province, the country and internationally. It provided the opportunity for a wide-ranging, intensive and enlightening exchange of ideas, best practices and practical advice for planning, building and sustaining successful community hubs.

We planned for 500 attendees; over 700 attended at the Evergreen Brick Works despite the cold, wet weather. Visit the Summit page for the program and links to awesome videos from the event.

Site Design

This past year, we have been working hard to ensure that CommunityHubsOntario.ca is intuitive and easy to use. We have released three major upgrades to the site’s functionality, including a full site re-design that was launched in the fall of 2017. Users can now access content more easily and search for other members with greater precision, and our site looks fresh and modern.


As well as tools and resources from other jurisdictions, this past year we focused on adapting and developing Ontario specific resources. We developed and published case studies from 12 different community hubs across the Province and featured resources specifically developed to address some of the barriers we have heard about over time.

Social Media

In February, CommunityHubsOntario.ca joined social media. We encourage you to Follow, Like, Share or Retweet!

By the Numbers

  • 1471 verified member accounts representing 137 unique locations
  • 189 Hubs mapped
  • 35 datasets included in the Community Hubs Mapper
  • 17 Webinars delivered
  • 6 Bi-monthly News Emails produced

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make CommunityHubsOntario.ca such a success. There’s lots more to come this year-so stay tuned!

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