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Public Properties Not in Active Use

Community Hubs in Ontario: Strategic Framework and Action Plan (2015) identified barriers and opportunities with respect to community access to public space, and provided a series of property-related recommendations that were accepted by the provincial government.

A key theme of these recommendations was the importance of greater transparency on the part of the provincial government with respect to the management of public property, including property that may not be in active program use. Information on these publicly held properties may support local planning and improve transparency and may expand opportunities for community organizations to explore the use of space in these properties and allow consideration of partnerships focused on future community use of these properties, including for possible community hub development.

As a significant step toward implementation of the Action Plan recommendations the province is providing a list of properties owned by the Crown and within the control of the Ministry of Infrastructure that are no longer in active government program use. Going forward the province intends to explore opportunities with stakeholders and broader public sector property owners to expand the scope of properties that could be added to this list. An expanded list could include properties that are no longer in active program use that are controlled by other Ministries or owned by provincial agencies, school boards, hospitals, colleges or other entities funded by the province.

Prior to disposing of any interest in property it controls the Ministry of Infrastructure must follow all applicable government policies and must complete extensive due diligence. This includes contacting the federal government, municipalities, school boards and eligible not for profit corporations so that these entities can determine if they wish to express an interest in the property. Where the province is contemplating an activity that could have a potential adverse impact on an Indigenous community’s rights it must meet its duty to consult with that community and where appropriate accommodate those rights. Properties listed may not yet have been subject to some or all of these requirements.

Additional information on provincial properties under Ministry of Infrastructure control that are currently for public sale can be found here:

Information on this website was posted on May 1st, 2017. For up-to-date information about any of these properties, please contact the individual specified with the corresponding property.