Build Your Hub

Build Your Hub

Whether constructing a community hub from the ground up or renovating an existing space the task can be challenging.

Working with architects, trades and contractors, managing the project and ensuring that zoning and permit compliance –these are the ‘nuts and bolts’ of hub development. Other common questions that come up at this stage involve formalizing partnerships with others, deciding on a governance model and beginning to consider long term viability of the hub.

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Templates and Tools

Funding and Financing

Community Hubs Capital Funding: Minor Retrofits and Accessibility Ontario Ministry of Education

As a response to recommendations in Community Hubs in Ontario: A Strategic Framework and Action Plan, the province committed to supporting the use of schools as community hubs.

In May, 2016, the Province announced a $90 million investment to further enable the development of community hubs by expanding child care and child and family support programs in schools and create spaces in schools for community use.

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Community Health Capital Planning (CHCP) – Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

The CHCP — which provides a unified approach for the funding of community health care infrastructure projects in Ontario — already has a funding stream dedicated to community health projects involving integrated facilities. The new policy, adopted in expands the eligibility criteria to make funding more accessible for integrated service models.

The types of community sector Health Service Providers (HSPs) and organizations who provide direct service related Programming, and were specifically-named in the prior policy continue to be eligible under the CHCP policy for dedicated Capital Funding. These include:

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Infrastructure Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure

Infrastructure Ontario (IO) aims to help municipalities, universities and other public sector partners renew Ontario’s public infrastructure with loans at affordable rates for either short- or long-term financing. Non-profit organizations aiming to own or operate a community health or social services hub are among those eligible to apply for a loan from IO.

The IO Loan Program provides affordable, long-term financing to public sector clients enabling them to modernize and renew their infrastructure. We tailor our loans to meet the unique needs and complex development challenges of municipalities, housing providers, universities and other eligible public sector clients. All borrowers within each sector share the same affordable rates and same benefits of the Loan Program.

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